Chapter 67.1

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The God that watched over Death, Ruler of the Underworld; Beneath those deep black robes, his physical body did not have the warmth of a living being. It was cold as ice. Having learnt from his previous experience, when he hugged the youth’s warm body this time, he carefully restrained his own aura and used his power to falsify a bit of body temperature for himself.

Even so, his body was still very much lacking in warmth.

“In the future, don’t casually control the bodies of the BOSS in the dungeons. If you really have to, remember to lower the pain sensitivity,” Turning his back to him, Gu Yan rubbed the wrist area of the black-robed Death God.

Only after pulling the other’s long and wide sleeves up a little and seeing that the grey skin was finally free of red marks, Gu Yan at last, felt relieved.

If his lover was always controlling the bodies of the BOSSES in the dungeon, wouldn’t his daily routine in the future have a high chance of becoming just…

Eating, sleeping, and abusing his family’s Qiuqiu?

Thinking of this point, Gu Yan suddenly lowered his eyes and raised his hand to pat the head of the black-robed Death God before him.

Unlike his elegant and handsome face, which was rather cold, the dark hair of the Underworld BOSS was unexpectedly soft and pliant. It felt very good to touch and stroking it was like touching the highest quality of silk.

The Death God’s eyes which were originally dull and pitch-black, now clearly reflected the appearance of the youth in front of him. Towards the youth’s demand, he nodded and agreed in a low voice.

He was only agreeing to the latter half of the request.

Bringing the youth and sending him back up to the Palace Hall, the Master of the Underworld easily restored the destroyed temple back to its original appearance. Now, no trace of any previous damage could be found.

“I want to bring Ah Yan to visit the Inner City of the underworld.” After finishing up the restoration of the Palace, the BOSS of the Netherworld narrowed his eyes and told him softly.

“Inner city?” The unfamiliar words caused Gu Yan to blank, and he couldn’t help but ask.

This was a place that even he, the author, did not know about. Going through his memory, Gu Yan really could not think of any information pertaining to this ‘Inner City’ of the underworld.

“En.” The Death God nodded. His handsome face, usually stone-cold was exceptionally soft and gentle towards the youth.

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The god who rules the death, the Lord of the meditation, the temperature of the body without the living things in the dark black gown, cold and cold. I learned from my previous experience. This time, when he hugged the young man’s warm body, he carefully converges his body and uses his power to fake his body temperature.

However, this body temperature is still very low and cool.

“Don’t control the body of these copies of the boss in the future. If you want to, remember to transfer the pain.” Going back, Gu Yan went to the wrist of the black robe.

Putting the other’s wide and long sleeves up, and seeing that the gray skin no longer has a reddish impression, Gu Dao was completely relieved.

If his lover always controls the body of some copies of the boss, then the daily routine after him is not a big chance to become that…

Eat and sleep to play the ball?

Thinking of this, Gu Daxi suddenly took down his eyes and raised his hand and touched the head of the black robe in front of him.

Unlike Junmei, who looks like a frozen person, the black hair of the Lord of the Field is very soft, feels good to the touch, and feels like the best silk.

The black robe gods were originally dark and dull eyes, and now clearly reflected the appearance of the young people in front of them. For the request made by the youth, he nodded his head and responded with a low voice.

He agreed to the second half.

With the youth in front of him passing back to the temple, the owner of the meditation domain easily restored the destroyed temple to its original appearance. Now it is a trace of any damage that has not been found.

“With A Yan to visit the inner city of the Netherland.” After the restoration of the temple, the owner of the meditation domain slightly picked up his dark eyes, and said the words to the youth with a low voice.

“Inner city?” This strange term made Gu Yan squat, and could not help but ask a question.

This is a place that even the author does not know. He searched the memory again, and Gu Da did not think of any information about the inner city of the Nether.

“Yeah.” The black robe screamed at the bottom, and the face of the cold and beautiful face was so soft when it was echoed to the youth.

The player’s copy of the ruins of the Netherland is just a foreign city, and the inner city part is one of the places created by the highest existence that dominates the entire virtual world. Players cannot enter.

Did not think much, Gu Yan quickly agreed. But before that, he looked at the entrance to the hall, and the position was empty.

“It’s just that the data has a ‘entity’ that can be added and deleted at will. A Yan doesn’t need to care.” The young man was still thinking about his last body, and Asa explained it.

In the virtual world constructed from data, it is no different from the God who created the world.

The outer city and the inner city of the Netherland are separated by space. They have just arrived through the transmission to the inner city. In the eyes of Gu Yan, there is a quiet and quiet palace. The lighting is a self-suspended soul light. All that you see is displayed as ‘? ? ? ‘The red name creature.

Different from the horrible undead creatures in the outer city form, the undead races appearing in the courtyard of this palace are mostly gray and white, and the body temperature is cold and cold, and most of them have normal human figures.


Chapter 67.1: