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Chapter 66.1


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“Regarding the problem of rotation…” After having said the beginning, Zhi Yi saw that all the damage dealers within the party had a look of shock, as if the world had suddenly become a profound fantasy. He had no choice but to pause and give them some time to recover.


“Is there something wrong with my output calculation system?” The short dwarf thief slapped her own cheeks, which made her originally already round face become even rounder like a bun.


But in reality, she knew that this was impossible. This wasn’t like the online games of the past that used a keyboard where a plug-in error could occur. This was a full-dive virtual reality game managed by the top of the line light brain; Something like a system error was impossible.


This sentence was just expressing her heart’s disbelief.


In the opinion of the public, what was a magician?


When it came to e-sports, it could be considered a relatively powerful class. However, when dungeoning, the magician was among the weakest, their DPS ranked from the bottom unless it was a dungeon with a boss that required little to no movement skills.


However, the higher the level of the party, the more fraudulent the BOSS’s system would be. Just take this Netherworld dungeon as an example, it could be considered the hardest dungeon in the entire game at the current point of time. To think of coming across a BOSS that would allow a player to steadily and continuously rack up damage…


There were only two words: Dream. On.


Most magician’s output heavily relied on their environment, even others who didn’t play this class were clear about this fact. Thus, when they saw that the player who dealt the most damage was actually the back figure in purple, almost everyone became so agitated that they were all glaring at the output statistics, trying to prove that what they saw was an illusion.


But no matter how much they stared, the number one position still belonged to the figure in purple. The name written was still the two words ‘Sen Luo’.


“Thigh[1]! This thigh is mine to hug!” with a shout, they stood up. Wearing a whole suit of armour, a strong and healthy looking knight sped towards the magician and stood before him, seemingly ready to carry out what he had just proclaimed.


Although he appeared extremely boisterous and severely lacked a serious attitude, as someone who was responsible for being the party’s main tank, his perceptiveness was definitely top-notch.


Having seen the DPS players suddenly fall into a state of silence the moment the commander started talking about the problem with the rotation, Silver Raven reacted swiftly and quickly pulled up the output statistics. This was also how such a scene came about.


The knight in front of him really looked as if he was about to prostrate himself over his feet at any moment and the corner of Gu Yan’s eyes twitch. He decisively used a gravity reversal spell to make the other person float upwards.


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“On the question of turning the fire …” said the beginning, Stop Yi looked at the regiment of the DPS are a face of the world Fantasy trance look, had to pause the words, give them a bit of buffer time. “My output statistics are not a problem.

“The Little dwarf thief drummed his gills, and his already round face is now really a bun face.” But in fact, she knows that this is impossible, and is not previously played keyboard online games, there will be a plug-in error situation.

This is a holographic game managed by the configuration of the top light brain, and it is completely impossible to count the errors.

This sentence is just an expression of that incredible feeling in your heart.

From a popular point of view, what is a magician? It counts as a strong profession in sports such as competitive duels.

But when it comes to a copy of the clearing, the magician is too weak to be vulnerable, the output is basically bottom, unless it is in some less need to run the Boss War can be reversed. However, the more advanced the regiment, the boss mechanism is the more a variety of pit daddy.

Just now, for example, this replica of the Nether World is one of the most difficult copies of the game at the moment, and in this copy I want to meet a boss who can stand in the steady output …

Then there’s only one two two words, no way. How much a magician depends on the output environment, even those who don’t play the profession are well aware of it.

So when they saw that their regiment output first position was dark purple background color, almost everyone was surprised to stare at the output statistics, to verify that their eyes were hallucinating.

But no matter how well they stare, the first position is still that background color, the name written on it is still the word ‘ sen ‘. “Legs! I’ll hold on to this thigh first!

“Miso stood up, dressed in a heavy armored knight posture rushed to the magician’s body, watching is to prepare to carry out what he said.”

Although the total performance is not a serious appearance, but can bear the team main T position of the people, observation is absolutely not bad.

The DPS in the regiment were suddenly caught in silence when they heard the conductor talking about the problem of turning the fire, and the Silver Raven reacted quickly to open the output statistics, and there was the scene just now.

In front of the knight also really want to pounce on his leg momentum, gu greatly draw the corner of the eye, decisive an anti-gravity magic to the other side floating up.

If you really want to give each other a leg, then this boss they want to go over-think about the degree of exclusive desire of their lovers, gu greatly feel that there will be any tragic events. “The pre-sentencing skill, it’s best to memorize the timeline of the whole fight, so it’s pretty much the same.”

“Surrounded by the eyes of a variety of rare animals around, the magician sitting on the Magic broom touched the cover of the Magic book on his hand and said it without changing his complexion.”

The DPS in the team silently do not speak, the truth is understood, but the actual operation of how difficult they also know, otherwise there will not be so many output bottom magician players.

Besides, the timeline of the whole battle is back, and this is the memory that the average person can have–?? But it is a coincidence that Gu greatly has such a memory ability.

The degree of unforgettable, of course, on the various skill mechanisms written down by himself, of course, if you are at the fingertips.

The buffer time is about the same, the team conductor on the serious face to continue to talk about the problems that arise in the battle, including the P2 stage of the various new skills of the response methods are also explained.

Let those in doubt hasten to put forward the question now, and when they have finished answering it, they will begin the second round of clearing.
From the afternoon to the evening, the anti-regiment countless back, there is no offline meal time, hunger value depends on the nutrition crane


Chapter 66.1: