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Chapter 40

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The opening time of the hidden realm was just five days later. The disciples who had been selected naturally had a variety of protective talismans on them. After all, the hidden realm was an unknown space, it was possible to encounter anything inside. These opportunities were accompanied by dangers and corresponding security measures were necessary.


Xie Yu was the direct disciple of the Sword Peak. According to Gu Yan’s knowledge, the peak master extremely favored this disciple with the same wood spiritual root as him. Therefore, Gu Yan would not have the chance to give him things like talismans.


Only this time among the five peak masters, he was chosen. No matter what, he should still prepare a few kinds of spiritual tools for Xie Yu. As for his own disciple…


“Your Master has already cast three defensive arrays on this set of clothing. Unless a cultivator whose level is equal to the Core Formation realm attacks you or someone uses a spiritual tool, these three formations are absolutely unlikely to be penetrated.” Who would not worry for their own child? These two days, Gu Yan basically spent all his time on the formation of these arrays.


It was not an easy task to shrink such a strong matrix onto a piece of clothing, let alone a triple array. This directly increased the level of difficulty by three-fold.


At this time, the cub that was originally in the youth’s lap snuggled into the robes he was pointing at and finally exposed a small head, purring in satisfaction.


This robe was already filled with the scent of the youth, the young cub narrowed its vertical pupils. This scent had always smelled very good, it likes it a lot and there was also a sense of familiarity.


Afterward, Gu Yan put a bronze bell in front of the young cub and told him that there were nearly a hundred advanced methods stored in there. He just had to inject a little spiritual power to start it.


In case he encountered something more formidable in the hidden realm, reckless explosive power would increase his chances of escaping even if he was unable to win.


“Entering the hidden realm will cause everybody to be randomly transported to various locations. It will be difficult for your Master to find you. At that time, you will have to rely on yourself. If you meet others from the same sect, it would be best to cooperate but don’t be too trusting.” Gu Yan touched the slightly exposed head. At first, he was seriously warning the other but seeing the young cub snuggled into the robes he had folded earlier, he can’t help but find it funny.


“Meow.” The cub tilted its head and obediently agreed.


Due to its blood inheritance, it had obtained information related to the hidden realm of ​​the Tibetan sea. This message was very vague, it was probably pointing to a cave in an area somewhere in the vicinity. There was a pile of treasure—


Moving, flickering like a flame. He wanted to take this thing and give it to the person who was now stroking him.


“It does not matter even if you do not manage to find any treasure as long as you return safely.” Seeing this head tilt, Gu Yan did not hold back and touched its head a few more times. not click)

Five days passed quickly. On the day the hidden realm was opened, all the people sent by the various sects gathered on the Tianzhu Mountain.


In addition to the people selected to enter the hidden realm, each of the sects also sent out several elders. In case of any accidents, they needed people to settle them.


The entrance to the hidden realm was near the top of the mountain, the walls were steep and very rugged.


There were a total of 12 sects at the scene. Now, the most powerful forces there were the Yun Yu and Zhong Xuan sect. Guan Lan sect’s rank was neither high nor low, their prestigious status in the past had dropped to today’s state.


“If little brother meets Xie Yu in the hidden realm, this Master hopes that little brother will take care of him.” This sentence was said by the Peak master of the Heavenly sword peak. Gu Yan replied, ‘naturally’.


Waiting for a while, the people that were selected had already entered the hidden realm. Now it was Guan Lan sect’s turn.

Five days after the opening of the mystery, the disciples who were selected were naturally given a variety of bodyguards. After all, the secret environment is an uncertain space. It is possible to encounter anything inside. The opportunity is accompanied by danger, and the corresponding security measures are still necessary.

Xie Tao is a pro-disciple of Tian Jianfeng’s peak. According to Gu Yan, the head of the mountain is very precious to himself. This is a disciple of Mulingen. Therefore, this kind of thing is not enough for him to give.

Only this time among the five peaks, he was drawn, how to say that he should still prepare a few symbols for Xie Zhen, as for his own apprentice…

“There are three defensive formations on the robes for this division. Unless there is the same existence as the Jindan period monks, or if you use the spirits, the three methods cannot be penetrated. “Whoever is a child who has a heartache, Gu Yan has spent almost two days on the layout method.”

It is not an easy task to attach a strong array to a piece of clothing, let alone a triple array, and the difficulty of laying directly rises several levels.

At this time, the cubs that had been crouching on the young legs were drilled into the robes that the youth pointed to, and finally they showed their heads and responded.

The robes were covered with youthful breath, and the babies who had entered them squatted. This breath is always very good, it likes it, and it has a familiar feeling.

Afterwards, Gu Yan also put a bronze bell in front of this young group, telling the other side that there are nearly a hundred high-level techniques stored here, just inject a little spiritual power to start one by one.

In the unlikely event that something is more difficult to encounter in the secret, such a bombardment, if you can’t win, it can greatly improve your chances of getting out.

“When you enter the secret world, you will be randomly sent. It is difficult for the teacher to be in an area with you. You can only rely on yourself. If you meet other Zongmen people, you can cooperate with each other best, but don’t trust others too much.” Gu Yan touched the only exposed head, but she was seriously squatting, but saw that the young group got into the robes that he had piled up well, and looked a little funny.

“Oh.” The young man squinted and responded.

In its blood heritage, there is a message related to this secret of the Tibetan sea. The message is very vague, probably in a cave in a certain part of the secret, hiding a good thing –

Jumping like a flame. It wants to take this thing and give it to the person who is now touching it.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t meet the chance, just come back safely.” This one glimpse, Gu greatly did not hold back and touched twice.

The five days passed quickly. On the day the secret was opened, all the people sent by the comprehension of the real world gathered on the Tianzhu Mountain.

In addition to the people selected to enter the secret world, of course, each of the gates also sent out several elders. In case of any follow-up incident, the people in the town still need to have.

The entrance to the secret place is near the top of the mountain. The wall is steep and very rugged.

There are a total of 12 schools on the scene. Now the most powerful forces in the comprehension community are Yunxuan and Xuanxuan. Guanzongzong’s rank is no more than a drop from the first place of the year to the current position.

“If the younger brother meets Xie Tao in the secret, he also hopes to help the brothers take care of one or two.”

This sentence is said by Tian Yanfeng’s main leader to Gu Yan. The latter continues to frown and scorn the head. The statement succinctly returns the phrase ‘natural’.

Waiting for a while, the people selected in the front of several sects have entered the secrets one after another, and now it is the turn of Guanzong.

The entrance to the secret is a space gap that is like a black hole. Gu Yan stands in front of it and swears to the disciple named Xie Wei.

To the second person.

“Master.” This voice has no purpose. Looking at the young monks with a deserted face, Jiang Tan suddenly became dissatisfied with this secret.

Why do you have random transmission?

The feeling of dissatisfaction is even stronger when I think that I will not see the young people in front of me.

“Yeah.” Back to the other people, Gu Yan raised his hand and touched his own apprentice, with a low voice and a slightly softer look.

He didn’t know that in the short time just before him, he only gave this secret in his mind a note.

After ten years, the secret of the Tibetan sea disappeared silently in the realm of comprehension. At that time, the young men who dominated the demon and the two, but looked like normal humans, blinked their eyes. The beautiful face was extraordinarily indifferent because of this cold eyes, but it was crushed and destroyed by the wave. Different space.

The reason why this young man did this thing was really because of the one that was recorded in his heart as a child.

At that time, I did not know how many Xiuxianmen were lamenting this matter. Every ten years, I said nothing.

But at this time, the young cub who had given the secret to the secret in his heart could only lower his eyebrows and touched his head. Then he stepped into the secret entrance under the gaze of the young man.

Now people who haven’t gotten in Guanzong have left Gu Yan.

Guanzong Zong was retired from the position of the first-church school of comprehension for a long time ago, but how to say that this school was once pressured on other ancestral gates for a hundred years, the dead camel was better than Martha and later came to the school The Guanzong Sect has never lowered its attention.

Especially in recent years, this martial art has also produced a talented person.

The young monk with the white robes stood at the entrance, and most of the people in the room did not see his cultivation. There is only one explanation, that is, the monk’s cultivation is higher than himself.

This will shock some of the elders present. The elders who can be elders at least are also the monks of the Jindan period. If it is above the Jindan period, is it not that the peak of the peak of Guanzong has reached the repair of the Yuan Ying period?

At this age.

The more you think about it, the more horrified it is. The last time you saw each other in the Sungmun test was clearly the same as in the Golden Dan period. It actually broke through in less than two years. This really made other practitioners in Jin Dan go to Yuan Ying’s cultivation bottleneck. It’s hard to get stuck with people who have been stuck for decades.

However, I couldn’t observe it any more. The young man at the entrance position just stepped in. The space of the twisted space fluctuated a bit, and the people who stepped into it disappeared.

The feeling of being sent immediately is not very good, but after two plane shifts, Gu Yan has also resisted this vertigo.

Standing in place for two seconds, he recovered.


Hearing this voice for no reason, Gu Daxian first squatted and reacted. He meditated in his heart and asked: “Zero zero?”

“The energy recovery progress is 50.39%.” After the energy recovery exceeds 50% to exit the dormant state, 037 recognizes itself as a good system of due diligence, and it immediately resumes work with enough energy.

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