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Chapter 31: Little dark room


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The so-called ability to change the ‘Rules’, firstly required Gu Yan to have extremely strong desires and could be considered a superb ability. Only the creator of this world could have such a cheat ability with the ‘Rules’.


Before attempting to forcefully change the ‘Rules’, Gu Yan first put the big cat in his arms on the sofa, took off the space ring which contained the silver armor that he had been wearing on his right hand and gently pushed it under the big cat’s paws.


Although the system had said that it cannot determine exactly what will happen, but with his writer’s instincts, Gu Yan felt that the consequences couldn’t be far from an equivalent exchange. In the worst case scenario, he would be expelled from the current world he was in.


Moreover the enemy had not yet been completely eliminated, he had to leave the Heidis a weapon to protect himself.


In this position, the Heidis will surely notice it when he wakes up.


“Be good.”


Omitting the two syllabus, ‘Qiuqiu’, Gu Yan knows that if he said these two words aloud, the big cat would definitely try to open his eyes.


But that pair of pupils…Had already completely lost its sight.


Now the cat-like Heidis laid on the couch, as if in deep sleep.


You will get better.


Repeating this sentence in his heart over again, for the first time, Gu Yan could clearly feel the presence of a formless existence. It held no malice towards him and instead seemed extremely close.


This was the ‘Rules’.


“So this is…”


Gu Yan just want to ask his own system if this was all but before he could finish, the system’s mechanical voice already beeped and sounded without warning: [Initializing transfer, Counting down 3, 2 …]


At the last second of the countdown, the big cat lying on the couch finally moved a little and opened his eyes.


Below his claws was the space ring which he had given to the youth before. The Heidis glanced at it before he got up and looked around.




He was gone. Where was the person who had had just been holding him?


A mere three seconds was not enough for Gu Yan to react and just like the last time, he was still feeling slightly dizzy.


[Pa–!] not click)

The so-called mandatory amendment of rules is first of all to have Gu Yan’s desire for something very strong. This can be said to be a very idealistic ability, and only the world’s creators can make the ‘rules’ to do such cheating.

Before the forced revision, Gu Yan put the big cat on his hand and put it on the sofa. He took off the space-loaded button that he had on his right hand and stuffed it under the front paw of the big cat.

Although the system said that it would not be able to determine what the consequences would be, but with the associative ability of a writer, Gu Da felt that the consequences were nothing more than an equivalent exchange, or that he was excluded from the current world.

And the enemy did not clean up. He had to leave this Hertis with a weapon that he could use. Placed in this position, the other party will wake when they will find it.

“Oh,” omitted the first two words because Gu Yan knew that if he read out the two words, the big cat would try hard to open his eyes.

However, those vertical pupils … have been almost invisible.

Hertis, who is now looking like a cat, squatted on the couch and seemed to be sleeping.

Will be better.

This wish was repeated in my heart. At this time, Gu Yan felt clearly for the first time that there was no physical existence. He was not malicious to him, but he seemed to be very close.

It is the system’s ‘rules’.

“This way…”

Gu Yangang wanted to ask if his system was the same, but when the words weren’t finished, the system’s tone with no emotional ups and downs sounded without warning: “The upcoming digit transfer, countdown 3, 2…”

In the last second of the countdown, the big cat crouching on the couch immediately moved and opened his eyes.

Below the claw pad was the space button it gave to the youth. This Hertis only looked at it and stood up and looked around.


Missing. Who did you just hold it, where did you go?

The short three-second period is simply not enough to react. Like the last time, the plane transfer has just been completed. Gu Yan is still in a slightly dizzy state.


It was too late to stop. Gu Yan could only watch as he whipped in front of the black-haired child’s palm with a ruler. And also draw very hard, can see the child’s palm area is a red mark.

Regardless of the Wuhao Youth, Gu Dajue feels that at least he is a good boy. He is always more tolerant and tolerant toward children. He can’t say anything about child abuse.

“The disciple did not do it.” He also stretched out his hand and spread out his palms. The young boy slightly lowered his head and his voice seemed to suppress any emotion.

Obviously not what he did, why did his Master only listen to others’ speeches and then indiscriminately identify him? He did not even listen to his explanation at all.

In control of the body, facing the child with his head bowed in front of him, Gu Yan did not know what to do.

This story…

The excellent memory compared with ordinary people allows Gu Yan to clearly remember all the stories of each article he wrote and quickly put the current situation into the seat.

Although he did not want to admit it, Gu Dadi found that he had indeed passed through and became a cannon fodder, and that he was similarly dead.

This is a story written by him in Xiu Xianwenli. The dark-haired teenager in front of him is the ultimate villain of the current world.

Gu Yan remembers that he had arranged for this child a particularly devastating process of growth. What has been framed, stigmatized, treated cold, or can be said to have been abused, has always been a set of personalities that must be reported. When the child grows up, It was a mess on the black.

Leading the Yaozu and Mozu, the entire comprehension community, no matter how large or small, did not let go, killing the door one by one.

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