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New novel (Number one zombie wife)

We heard you!

We’re planning to pick up number one zombie wife after the last translators dropped it and we’re currently in the midst of a discussion with the previous translators.

Updates will most likely come after we get a few chapters up and we’re also trying to get in contact with the author.

This will not be the only novel, so sit tight and await some good news ~

The little Flower God and the Emperor Chapter 1-3

New release!!

Hihi yall~

This is a new short story about the sweet love between the little flower god and the emperor. Hope you guys enjoy it. Click here for details or scroll down for chapter 1




Yue Lao was miserable. He felt like his pure imp-like soul had been tainted by the little Flower God, “You want to top the Emperor?”


“No,” the little Flower God corrected, “ I want to be topped by him.”


Yue Lao, “……Don’t call me godfather anymore. I need to calm down.”



Chapter 1-3


Chapter 65.1

I finally finished my busy week and currently have a break… but not for long hehe. Sorry for MIA-ing for nearly 3 weeks. Didn’t have much time and so this week’s chapter was kindly done my foreverhungry ;u;;

Have some loveydovey dose of fluff

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Chapter 65.1