Recruitment: Looking for new translators to join the family~

Please indicate your interest in the comment section and let me know:

  1. Name (to refer to you by)
  2. email
  3. how proficient are you in reading, and understanding chinese ( out of 5)
  4. proficiency in english (out of 5)
  5. Role you are interested in: Translator, editor, proofreader
  6.  Discord #

Things to note:

  • Do ensure you are able to commit before applying^^
  • There will be a short test, there is no time limit, but the time taken will be taken into consideration since it is a reflection of your skills and level of commitment. Unless there are special circumstances, in that case, do let me know.


Update: Dummytranslations is no longer allowing retranslations of any novel available here. Please do not use our work as sources for your retranslation and do not contact me requesting for permission. For more information, refer to our FAQ page

5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello, Iam Arturia from Indonesia. I am interested in this novel, and want to translate it into Indonesian. Can I use your translation as a source? Thank u


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