New Novel translation

So hey there again~

To celebrate the end of arc 1 of the people who’re supposed to kill me fell for me instead, I’ve decided to pick up a second CN. Of course, my main priority will still be TPWSTKMFFMI.


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Author: dummytranslations

Translator at dummytranslations. Unprofessional cause I'm complete rubbish at Chi. 50% MTL 50% gibberish. Bringing joy to fujoshis(ME) and cat lovers(also Me). You're welcome. Feel free to contact me at for questions/discussion about cats/etc

3 thoughts on “New Novel translation”

  1. If you’re looking for other options, wintertranslates has a pretty solid rec list if you’re interested 🙂


  2. Being an Author is a High Risk Situation- though I have only read two chapters the synopsis was interesting and it has some good reviews by people who have read it all the way. Plus MC gets transmigrated into a demon cat. The original translation site dropped this one because they had to many novel to translate it is unknown whether they will pick it up again.


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